That Ball’s Outta Here: The Best of February


Cody Asche. Image Credit: David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

February saw the Phillies’ offseason come to a close and Spring Training begin. It was a good month for the writers at That Ball’s Outta Here in covering team. In case you missed them, here are some of the highlights:

Why 2013 Was Not (Entirely) Ruben Amaro’s Fault: Part Two – The second in a series of columns explaining why it is too simple to just blame the Phillies’ general manager for last year’s problems.

Prospect Countdown #12: Kelly Dugan – Michael Lecke takes a look at the Phillies’ minor league outfielder and whether or not he’ll soon be contributing at the major league level.

The Phillies as Winter Olympic Events – If the Phillies were cold weather sporting events, which cold weather sporting events would they be?

Cody Asche has Philly Favorite Potential – Some people have called Cody Asche the “next Chase Utley.” Spencer Bingol, one of Utley’s biggest fans takes a closer look to see if that is indeed the case.

Remembering Jim Fregosi – Alex Cheremeteff takes a look back at the late former Phillies’ manager.

Why the Phillies Won’t Be Hurt by the Ben Wetzler Situation – Money talks.

The Phillies Success Depends on Maikel Franco – Pete Dymeck believes that Franco’s upside potential could hold the key if the Phillies want to return to contender status in the near future.