Morning Phil Up – 2/24/2014 – Bobby Abreu, Phillippe Aumont, Ben Revere, and Roy Halladay


Ben Revere. Image Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s Phillies links cover Bobby Abreu, Phillippe Aumont, Ben Revere, and Roy Halladay.

CSN PhillyAbreu Catches Sandberg’s Eye in Early Workouts

It’s still early in camp, but thus far, Ryne Sandberg likes what he sees out of free agent signee Bobby Abreu, claiming he’s in very good baseball shape. After being out of the major leagues in 2013, Abreu had a strong winter league in Venezuela, prompting the Phillies to take a chance on him. Despite being 39 years of age, if Abreu can match those winter league numbers, he’ll be a valuable addition.

Bleacher ReportBreaking Down Ben Revere’s Role on the Phillies Roster

Just as he appeared to be hitting his stride in 2013, Ben Revere suffered a broken foot, and missed most of the second half of the season. He should be healthy for 2014, but what will his role be? Will he be the team’s leadoff hitter? Will he be a prolific base stealer? Will he be a top defender in the outfield?

Philly.comAumont Confident He Has Fixed His Flawed Mechanics

Phillippe Aumont was a huge disappointment for the Phillies in 2013. He now believes that all of his struggles were related to a breakdown in his mechanics. While he didn’t outright blame the former coaching staff for his problems, it is clear that Aumont welcomes a new regime. Considering how nasty Aumont’s stuff can be if he’s right, the Phillies would be very pleased if his struggles are indeed behind him.

Delaware OnlineGuest Instructor Halladay Open to More Coaching in the Future

After retiring in the offseason, former ace Roy Halladay came to Phillies camp this spring to serve as a special guest instructor. Based on his quotes, it sounds like it may not be his last appearance in a spring camp: “Once I see how things work, yeah, I’d love to continue to do it and if I have more time, do more,” Halladay said. “I’ll always continue doing it. It’s just a matter of starting to figure out how much I can do. Once the kids are gone, maybe it’s something to do full time.”

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