Morning Phil Up – 2/13/2014 – A.J. Burnett Edition


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A sample of what people are saying about the A.J. Burnett signing

The Good PhightGood News for People who Love Bad News

The signing of Burnett looks like a win for the Phillies. It should boost their win total by about three games, and that might give the team hope of being in playoff contention. The move will also likely pay off in terms of added ticket sales. And for haters of Ruben Amaro, if the move fails, this might speed along his exit from the organization.

ESPNPhillies Flounder with Burnett Signing (Requires Insider subscription)

Ever the optimist regarding the Phillies’ chances, Keith Law thinks the Phillies are so far from contention that the signing won’t matter. He thinks the Phillies have essentially wasted $16 million. On the other hand, if the Phillies can move Burnett at the trade deadline, the deal might still be a win for them.

The Zo ZonePhils, Burnett Agree to One Year Deal

Since the Phillies were already so close to the luxury tax, why did they take on the added expenditure of Burnett? Management might have realized that the Phillies were not realistic contenders with the roster in place. If they’re already spending so much money, why not spend a little more to give the team a fighting chance?

CSN PhillyA.J. Burnett Alters the Look of the Phillies’ Offseason

Some of the moves the Phillies made this offseason seemed quite curious. Why were they loading up on older players like Marlon Byrd and Roberto Hernandez when the team seemed to be missing a few pieces necessary for contention? With the signing of Burnett, the plan seems much clearer. Yes, the payroll is high, but they also haven’t committed much long-term money. So while they can contend this season, it shouldn’t necessarily hurt their chances down the road.

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