Morning Phil Up – 2/12/2014 – Wednesday Links


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A collection of Phillies links from around the web:

The Good PhightAn Interview with Phillies Analytics Manager Scott Freedman

In part two of an interview with Freedman, John Stolnis learns a little more about the Phillies’ new analytics expert: How receptive is management to his findings, what will his role be when the season begins, and how much he expects to contribute to the team’s draft in 2014.

CBS SportsAll-Time Single-Season Team: Philadelphia Phillies

CBS Sports takes a look at every season by every Phillies player ever and picks the best performance at each position.  Some of the winners shouldn’t surprise you (Mike Schmidt, Chase Utley), but I’m not sure how many Phillies fans are familiar with the season that Sherry Magee had in 1910.

Philly.comHow Phillies Compare, Position by Position, with Foes

David Murphy compares the Phillies at every position against the other teams in the National League.  They do rather well at some positions (Second base, catcher), and are lacking in other areas (Starting pitching).  Based on this analysis, the Phillies should reasonably expect to be a middle of the pack team in 2014.

BeerleaguerShould Phillies Limit Rollins’ Plate Appearances in 2014?

Jimmy Rollins will earn his 2015 contract option if he makes at least 434 plate appearances in 2014.  If the Phillies are out of contention at midseason, should manager Ryne Sandberg limit Rollins’ playing time to ensure that he doesn’t reach that threshold? In addition to freeing the team from Rollins’ salary, it would also give them more of an opportunity to see what Freddy Galvis can do with regular playing time.

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