Morning Phil Up – 2/6/2014 – Thursday Links


Darin Ruf. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

A few Phillies related links from around the web

The Zo ZoneMoyer and Stairs to the Broadcast Booth

Two members of the Phillies’ 2008 championship team are the favorites to be the new announcers for Comcast Sports Net. Originally, they had planned to use only one person to replace the recently re-assigned Chris Wheeler and Gary Matthews, but apparently, both men made very strong impressions.

Phielders ChoiceIs Darin Ruf on His Way Out of Philadelphia?

With the additions of Marlon Byrd and Bobby Abreu, the Phillies might have no room for Darin Ruf on their roster.  Due to his poor fielding skills, he would probably be best served as a designated hitter in the American League.

Rant SportsAre the Phillies Too Optimistic About Ryan Howard?

The Phillies are counting on Ryan Howard to be completely healthy in 2014, but after two years of missing time with injuries, that may be foolish. They made a similar mistake with Roy Halladay last year, and that cost them dearly.

Phillies NationThe Phillies Nation Top 100 – #31 Von Hayes

In their countdown of the 100 greatest Phillies, they take a look at one of the most villified players in team history.  Hayes had the misfortune of being traded for five players and then being hailed as the heir to Mike Schmidt as the Phillies’ biggest star.

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