The Best of That Ball’s Outta Here – January 2014


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Despite the Phillies being relatively inactive, we’ve had quite a bit to write about this month.  In case you missed them, here are a few of the best articles at That Ball’s Outta Here from the month of January:

Philadelphia Phillies, Comcast Finalize $2.5 BILLION Television Contract (Update) – Spencer Bingol provides all the details about the massive television contract that the Phillies agreed to with Comcast.

Why Baseball’s Shift in Economics May Be Good News for the Phillies – A look at why the changing economic landscape could mean good things for the Phillies in the years to come.

Three Options to Create Phillies’ Pitching Depth – Spencer identifies a few ways in which the Phillies could improve their seemingly shallow pitching depth.

The Greatness of Roy Halladay – Alex Cheremeteff takes an appreciative look back at the career of the now retired Roy Halladay.

Would We Like the Phillie Phanatic If He Was Introduced Today? – After seeing the backlash that Clark the Cub received, I wonder how people would feel if the Phillies’ mascot had made his debut in 2014.

Player Review/Preview: Wil Nieves – Emily Gruver provides a closer look at the man who will likely serve as the Phillies’ backup catcher in 2014.

The Return Of Bobby Abreu – Alex discusses the return of Bobby Abreu to the Phillies and whether this was actually a prudent move.

Top Ten Reasons Why Charlie Manuel is Returning to the Phillies – My attempt at determining exactly why Charlie Manuel returned to the Phillies organization.

Philadelphia Phillies Prospect Countdown: #14 Shane Watson – Michael Lecke provides a preview of the injured Phillies prospect.

Why 2013 Was Not (Entirely) Ruben Amaro’s Fault…But Why 2014 Might Be – Part Two – I continue to defend Phillies’ general manager Ruben Amaro by explaining why it’s wrong to simply blame him for the Phillies’ failure in 2013.

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