Player Review/Preview: Freddy Galvis


Image Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Freddy Galvis

Key 2013 Stats: .234 AVG/.283 OBP/.385 SLG/6 HR/19 RBI

What happened in 2013

Galvis started the season as the Phillies utility infielder.  Despite being capable of playing multiple positions (including outfield), with Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, and Michael Young experiencing surprisingly good health, there weren’t too many at bats to go around.  Fearing that his development was being stunted, the team sent Galvis to the minors in June.  He eventually returned in September after the roster expanded.

His fielding skills lived up to their reputation, but despite some game-winning heroics, Galvis didn’t do much to ease concerns that he’ll never hit well enough to be a major league regular.

What to Expect in 2014

Galvis will most likely once again start the season as the team’s utility infielder.  This may be his ultimate destiny, since his hitting might never be good enough for him to be more than a part-time player.  Then again, he’ll only be 24 years old in 2014, so there is a decent chance he could improve.  He has shown some moderate pop thus far (9 home runs in 395 career ABs), and increased his walk rate in 2013.  He still has a way to go, but those are promising signs.

It would be remarkable if Utley and Rollins once again remain injury-free in 2014, so there’s a good chance that Galvis will get a decent chance to prove himself worthy.