Ryan Howard for David Price? The Rumor Mill Strikes Again.

David Price

. Image Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The rumor mill does not like to be ignored.  No sooner had all of the excitement died down regarding those Dom Brown for Jose Bautista rumors, when a new and even crazier trade scenario involving the Phillies emerged.

Radio station WDAE in Tampa first floated the rumor: The Phillies would send Ryan Howard to the Rays in exchange for pitcher David Price.

Obviously, the Phillies would have to pick up a healthy chunk of Howard’s salary in this scenario.  But considering that many Phillies fans would advocate paying Howard half his salary just to be rid of him, the thought of actually acquiring a player like Price in exchange is almost inconceivable.

In other words, I have a feeling that there’s not too much to this.

The funniest part of that radio segment is how excited the hosts are about the prospect of getting Ryan Howard.  I’m guessing that they haven’t paid too much attention to the Phillies recently and still think of Howard as the 40 home run hitting threat that he was in 2008.  I was waiting for them to advocate holding out unless the Phillies threw in Jamie Moyer as part of the deal.

The hot stove season has not been short on excitement thus far.  Between actual free agent signings and random radio host speculation, there’s been plenty for Phillies fans to talk about.