Monday Links – 11/11/2013


David Price. Image Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

A selection of Phillies-related links from around the web:

How hard should the Phillies go after David Price?

"For a quick second, imagine a rotation including Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels and David Price. That would be tops in baseball, but it would also be cause for concern."


Are there any reserve outfielders worth pursuing?

"Once a source of strength, the Phillies have gotten next to nothing from their bench the last two seasons. The unit started out hot in 2013, but fizzled as the season wore on; Phillies pinch-hitters finished the year with a .222/.271/.325 batting line. That .596 OPS from Phils pinch-hitters ranked 10th among 15 NL teams."

Is a low risk approach the way to go this offseason?

"It would seem, then, that the best route to take for 2014 would be one of limited risk but potentially high upside. That is, signing players on the rebound and players whose stock has fallen recently."

Crashburn Alley

Can Ken Giles use his elite velocity to become a successful major leaguer?

"Speed is what fuels Giles. Last weekend, he threw a baseball at 100.6 m.p.h. in  an all-star game for this prospect-laden league. His fastball – which sits  around 97 m.p.h. and has traveled as fast as 103 m.p.h. – is the type of pitch  that titillates scouts."

Does Ruben Amaro need to save his legacy this offseason?

"Now, as Amaro gears up for his sixth offseason at the helm in Philadelphia, his job and legacy are on the line. If he can’t transform the Phillies back in a winning outfit, he won’t be around much longer, especially after firing manager Charlie Manuel in August. When the passionate Philadelphia fans look for accountability, Amaro will be the only one to take the fall."

Bleacher Report

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