Phillies Pitching Coach Search Continues


The Phillies had been linked closely with Bryan Price, the Cinincinati Reds’ new manager, as someone who could fill the vacant pitching coach opening.  Why Price decided to be the manager of a playoff team instead of the pitching coach of a seemingly listless, sub-.500 team, we may never know.

Bryan Price- new Reds manager; former Phillies pitching coach candidate

With Price no longer an option where can Ryne Sandberg look?  Who will he call?

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has reported that the Phillies have asked and have been given permission to interview Pirates’ special adviser to the general manager Jeff Benedict.  Other names include Reid Cornelius of the Marlins and Rod Nichols, who was the Phillies bullpen coach last season.

Ruben Amaro is in no rush.  “We’re taking our time on this one because it’s a very important decision. We could make a hire right now – one or two or three of the people we’ve already interviewed. We like what we’ve seen so far. But we’re trying to do our due diligence and see if there are other candidates.”

There are a handful of other teams looking for a new pitching coach.  The Reds, Tigers, Diamondbacks, Cubs, and Nationals will presumably all need to fill the same vacancy. The Mariners might be a part of that mix as well.

Doing your due diligence is fine and unlike quick draw Amaro, but he shouldn’t be so slow as to keep missing out on the guy he wants.  Obviously Price took a much better job, but will the other candidates wait around for an offer from the Phillies if the the Cubs or Nationals offer first?  I would guess not.