Friday Links – 10/25/2013


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A quick look at some Phillies links from around the web:

That enormous TV contract that you’ve been hearing about?  Turns out it might be coming sooner rather than later:

"Yesterday Howard Megdal dropped a relatively unreported but important bomb, at least with respect to the Phillies and their plans for the upcoming off-season. Megdal’s sources are telling him that the Phillies are set to finalize their new television deal within the next calendar month"

The Good Phight

Charlie Manuel hasn’t ruled out a return to baseball:

"Charlie Manuel popped up on a Detroit sports radio station, 105.1, and spoke with The Diesel show, expressing interest in the Tigers managerial opening. Manuel said he is getting himself in shape and hoping to score one of the vacant jobs."

Phillies Nation

Should the Phillies have hired Jim Leyland as their manager in 2004?

"And make no mistake about it … Leyland really, really wanted the Phillies’ job. So much so that he ended up on first-name basis with many of the local writers because he returned phone calls."


Dom Brown and Philadelphia are now peachy keen:

"I was just posting a pic. I grew up a Cowboys fan […] I’m not changing my NFL team because I play in Philadelphia.That’s the Philly love, though. That’s the reason why I love the city…because the fans are so passionate."

The 700 Level

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