Kyle Kendrick Wants To Stay With Phillies, Please No


Kyle Kendrick was shut down last Wednesday for the remainder of what is left of the 2013 season.

Apparently he has some shoulder tendinitis, which turns out to be a convenient excuse of his absolute dreadfulness as of late.  In the second half, Kendrick is 2-7 with a 6.91 ERA.  He spoke to reporters yesterday saying, ““My second half wasn’t great, but I wasn’t fully healthy.” And there it is.

Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe he is just posturing as the Phillies contemplate whether or not to offer him salary arbitration. Kendrick could make upwards of $8 million a year if the Phillies do decide to offer. If the team doesn’t offer, they will receive nothing in return. It is a tough decision… who am I kidding? No it isn’t. DO NOT GIVE KYLE KENDRICK A CONTRACT THIS OFFSEASON.

One of the best moves Ruben Amaro can make is by not making one when it comes to Kendrick. Let him walk, Ruben, I beg you. I am not the only one.  Upgrading from Kyle Kendrick has been a running theme here at That Ball’s Outta Here.

Kendrick has been so bad. When he does have a rough start or stretch or season, he rarely owns that fact.  Even now he admits to not being all that great, but he makes sure you know that he has been hurt too. Posturing or not, his struggles in mediocrity always seem to not be his fault.

Obviously Kendrick wants to stay.  I get that. He has spent his career here. He and his wife has a life outside of baseball here. He even made his interest clear saying, “Hopefully I’ll be here. Knock on wood, I’ve been durable.”

Wait, he has been durable? Wonder if he understands the corner he put himself into with that one. I have not been good because I have been hurt, but I never get hurt. This guy! Good stuff Kyle, now please play for a team that is not the one that I am a fan of. Thanks in advance.