A Bullpen Calling For Ethan Martin


Yesterday, the Phillies announced that Ethan Martin will be sent to the bullpen for the remainder of the season. Tyler Clyod will take his place in the rotation.

Clyod stinks too, so it is obvious this move is to figure out where Martin fits on this team in 2014 and beyond. In Martin’s seven games as a starter this year, he went 2-4 with a 10.2 K/9. Pretty solid unless you look at the majority of his other statistics. He has a 6.90 ERA, a 1.8 WHIP, and a 6.3 BB/9.

Martin has an above average fastball, a good curve, and a change-up that the Phillies coaches can still help improve. Martin usually begins to crumble during the second time through the opposing team’s lineup. Out of the bullpen that shouldn’t be a problem.

Don’t believe me? Well Rich Dubee basically said the same thing. “His stuff has played phenomenally well the first time through a lineup. And again, I don’t know if it’s because of fatigue, I don’t know if it’s because he burns up too much energy, but his stuff shortens up the second and third time through. I do think this guy is a gem. He will play some big role on a pitching staff. It will be a nice little change to take a different look at him.” So pfttttt.

Roy Halladay is even looking out for him. Halladay gave Martin a Roy Halladay baseball card and pointed out that even he, Roy Halladay, stunk at one point in his career. No, that point of his career isn’t now but back in 2000 when he had a 10 plus ERA and was demoted to Single A. Halladay clearly learned the ol’ baseball card trick from Ruben Amaro.

Look for Martin to do well over the remaining few weeks. Not only does he have the ability to pitch well in relief, but the Phillies are bound to finally have one of these young relievers contribute in some sort of positive way. You know, law of averages and all that.