Ben Revere Liberated from Crutches


Ben Revere had some exciting news this morning.

I’d have to seriously consider Ben Revere on crutches over John Mayberry or Michael Martinez on their own legs in center field.  But now I don’t have to!

Granted, Ben is still not coming back this year, and neither are the Phillies, but this bit of progress is exciting, just like Ryan Howard getting back into the swing of things, or Jonathan Pettibone getting his face rocked off in Lehigh Valley.  Next thing we know, the Phillies will be underperforming with all their starting players.

Ryan has been cleared for ‘baseball activities,’ which is really baseball, broken down to its simplest form.  He’ll be tapping balls off a tee, carefully, and under heavy supervision.  And only in single digit increments.

Meanwhile, Ben Revere will be zipping around in no time.  It’s been a long second half without him, watching Jimmy, and Mini Mart, and Michael Young take turns not being lead-off hitters.  But Ben has been cheering the whole time, wishing he wasn’t on crutches, attending events, and experiencing some pretty effective pain meds.