Ben Revere Continues to Not be Coming Back this Year


No one has stolen Ben Revere’s crutches, leaving him to dart about slightly less frantically without any support.

He is being hunted by John Mayberry, however.

So that’s worrisome.  But the Phillies are indeed reporting that Ben Revere’s broken foot is still pretty much broken, and even if it weren’t he’d still be rehabbing it and unable to utilize his best quality, his speed, because come on you know god damn well that’s how the human body works.

His second best quality remains in prime condition.

Dat smile. Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Of course, like an Phillies injury, the team is not hurrying him back, regardless of importance to the lineup, because there is not one more game this season that requires production from a known entity. Obviously, it would be more helpful to Revere to keep playing baseball instead of having a foot injury.  But here we are.

"“Since Revere last played July 13, the Phillies have started John Mayberry Jr., Michael Martinez and Casper Wells in center field.”—Todd Zolecki"

Ha, ha, ha.  Boy that is just awful.

Now is the part of a lost season in which the team can parade injured former contributors, from back when we were “contending,” to remind us to re-up on those season ticket packages.  Remember Ben Revere?  Hmm?  He was thrilling to watch at times.  Had that catch.  Did a somersault at home plate once.  And don’t forget Ryan Howard!

Yes.  We know you won’t.