Roy Halladay And The Future


Yesterday afternoon, Roy Halladay threw a bullpen session.

Rich Dubee said the session went “fine.” Insightful stuff.

Halladay will start on Tuesday for the Lakewood BlueClaws.  No one is saying if he will be back before the end of the season.  One can only surmise Ruben Amaro is still sobbing after his dear friend Charlie Manuel got fired by Ruben Amaro. It is hard for him to speak after drinking just tears for days. You know, because of the salt.

There are a few scenarios that I see happening.

1. Roy Halladay doesn’t pitch again this year.

Halladay will then become a free agent. Little will be known if he is Halladay of old or the broken shell of himself that we have seen the past year plus. I am of the understanding that Halladay and Dubee are close. If Dubee leaves, which seems likely at this point, does Halladay follow? Washington has this weird inferiority complex, so maybe the hire Dubee and roll the dice on Halladay too. This would be the worst case scenario because the Nationals.

2. Roy Halladay pitches and stinks.

This is very likely. He wasn’t all that sharp in his first rehab start. His bullpen session was merely fine. Arguably he would be cheaper to sign in the off-season if this were the case.  For the Phillies, would he even be worth taking a risk on? They are going to have a lot of problems to fix come this winter. Despite his absolute awesomeness and place in my heart, does signing another problem, no matter how cheaply, even make sense?  Maybe the Nationals would still take a risk and sign him.

3. Roy Halladay pitches and is Roy Halladay.

This would be the best case scenario. And the scenario we probably all hope for. This might mean he is a bit more costly when he becomes a free agent.  The Phillies might not be able to afford or want to pay another old player, even if that player is Halladay. That could leave the door open for a team like the Nationals to sign him.

Oh, geez. The Nationals are going to sign Roy Halladay, aren’t they?