Cole Hamels To Take Mental Vacation In Pittsburgh


On Saturday, the Phillies announced that Cole Hamels’ next start will be pushed back two days.

Rich Dubee said this little break gives Hamels an opportunity to kick back.  It gives him a chance to release his mind a bit.   In other words, get your shit together Cole.

Hamels is having his worst season as a professional. Yes, it is worse than 2009 when fans thought he was lazy among other insights sports radio callers graced the airwaves with.  His WHIP is 1.30.  He has an ERA of 4.58.  He seemingly can’t locate his pitches.

I don’t know what taking a few extra days off is going to do. I hope it magically fixes him somehow.  Charlie Manuel has stated that there is nothing physically wrong with Hamels. Yet he still is not the Cole Hamels we are used to. Freaking baseball, I’ll tell ya.

Hamels gave a no comment when asked about the extra days of rest.  Dubee  stated Hamels’ feelings this way, “I don’t know that he was receptive. He accepts it. We didn’t have a big knock-down, drag-out fight about it.”  It is a shame that Hamels is so lazy; a fist fight with him and Dubee would have been exciting.

The extra few days off will coincide with the team’s series in Pittsburgh.  I don’t know what there is to do in that city. They have a lot of hot dog shops and those sandwiches with French fries on them. Maybe he can grab one of those.  I hear the Pirates are also the best team in baseball. Maybe he can kick back and take in a game at PNC Park.