Roy Halladay to Come Back Better than Ever; You’ll See, You’ll ALL See


The important thing to remember is that “tossing” is different from “throwing.”

“Tossing” is what you do with somebody’s phone when they want it and its across the room.  “Throwing” is what you do when you don’t like that person.  “Pitching” is a third thing that we’re not even talking about.

Roy Halladay is tossing right now, and he’s only doing it 60 feet.  But it’s going great.

Doc’s shoulder feels “good,” according to Doc.  Rich Dubee was far more vocal and optimistic, as he must not look at the standings or watch the games too often.  From a purely “Doc” perspective, it is good news in that it’s not a step backward and as far as we know, we’re a little closer to Halladay pitching again some day with that newfound arm-youth – whether it’s for us or not.

Remember, Halladay’s return would have been most exciting if the Phillies were one explosive pitcher away from contending, and despite being one of the two best NL East teams since April 19, they are not.  This is one craptacular division.  I guess it will be bittersweetly vindicating to see Doc come out and throw one more time in a Phillies uniform, close to the end of the season.

But that’s such a sad thing I’m going destroy “toss” this laptop out of a window to prevent those words from ever seeing the light of day.