Mets Get 8 Runs, Phillies Get 4 Hits


The New York Mets destroyed the Phillies today 8-0.  Shockingly the Phillies couldn’t do anything against a guy who has pretty quickly become one of the best pitchers in baseball.

If it weren’t for some rain Matt Harvey’s line would have looked even better than the two hits, one walk, and six strike outs he managed over six innings it .  He probably would have had a complete game shut out. It was that bad. I guess we can take solace in the fact that it was against a pitcher that is actually good.

Two bros dominating the Phillies

David Wright also stood out with a day where he was on base every other at bat. Not just his at bats but every at bat the Mets had.  Sometimes he would just sneak out to second base to start an inning even if he wasn’t due up.  The Phillies didn’t care though as they were too in awe of his 4 for 5 day that included one triple, one home run, and two doubles.  David Wright hates singles.

Another low-light came in the fifth inning when Ben Revere “dropped” a routine Juan Lagares fly ball. The ball landed in Revere’s glove, but when he went to transfer it to his opposite hand he just dropped it instead.  So Ben Revere of Ben Revere! Lagares never stopped running and ended up at third before the Phillies even realized he was out. Exciting stuff all around. The Mets would score three of their eight runs that inning.

J.C. Ramirez made his major league debut in the eighth inning and struck out the side. Ramirez is one of the players the Phillies got when they traded Cliff Lee to Seattle. Maybe there is hope for that insane trade yet!

This was the seventh time this season the Phillies have been shut out. Guess how many times that happened last year. The answer is six. The Phillies were shut out six times all season last year. Eek.

Tomorrow Cliff Lee will take on the San Diego Padres in the first game of a 10-game road trip. Maybe they will win. Hard to say. That’s what makes it so exciting.