Domonic Brown Is Metaphorically On Fire


So the Phillies lost two of three to the terrible Milwaukee Brewers.  The series was not a lot of fun outside of Domonic Brown who is on track to be the best Phillie ever.

No fan can cool him off…Zing!

Brown has started June right where he ended May by crushing every ball that is thrown towards him.  I mean seriously, this guy is hitting at an elite level right up there with Miguel Cabrera and Chris Davis.   He leads the National League with 16 home runs and has 40 RBIs which is good for fifth.   Sure they are counting stats, but whatever. Brown is one of the best reasons to watch the Phillies right now.

Eight of his 16 home runs have come over the past nine games.   The last time a Phillie other than Domonic Brown that hit a home run with two men on base was Ryan Howard on April 26th.  That is forever ago in case you were curious.

Look at his hot zone chart for his slugging percentage over the last 30 games.

He is on pace to hit 45 homers.  The last guy to do that was Ryan Howard in 2009.  If Brown is able to keep up this pace, it will put him sixth among all Phillies for home runs in a single season.  Pretty impressive for a 25 year old. Oh yeah, HE IS ONLY 25. That is probably the best part about all of this.

I don’t think we have seen the end of this impressive streak.  If you have time or don’t have time you should vote for Brown to be in the 2013 MLB All Star game.  Not only does he deserve it, but being voted in could serve as a good excuse as not to participate in the home run derby.