Delmon Young’s Spring Loaded Glove


Delmon Young had yet another horrible defensive mishap in yesterday’s brutal loss to the Milwaukee Brewers.

In the fifth inning, Young got turned around on a Jean Segura fly ball.  Young got to the warning track just in time for the ball to hit the heel of his glove and bounce to the ground.  Don’t fear! Young had a great explanation as to why he dropped a pretty routine out. “It hit inside my glove and when I went to squeeze it, [the ball] had already shot out,” Young said. Aw shucks.

It gets better.  When asked if he should have caught the ball he said, “Oh, yeah. If it lands inside your glove — but if the spring pops the ball out you can’t do anything about it.”  Insightful stuff from the worst player on this team, which is quite an accomplishment considering Young has strong competition from the likes of Michael Martinez.

Young’s Arrested Development

It is pretty clear that Young has been using the wrong type of glove.  As he stated, his glove has some sort of spring in it. When he goes to catch the ball the spring will sometimes coil up and propel the ball back out of his glove.  I mean, I guess that is how it works because otherwise why the hell didn’t he catch that ball?? I tried looking for spring loaded gloves on Amazon, but I could not find any. It must be a special prototype that Rawlings is testing out.  Kudos to Young for giving this thing a whirl.