Adam Morgan: Injured Phillie Of The Week


Heading into the season Adam Morgan was regarded as a top five prospect in the Phillies organization.  Now he is just the latest hopeful to get off to a shaky start and wind up hurt.

So far this season, Morgan had struck out 29 batters in 41 and two-thirds innings giving him a 6.3 SO/9.  Last season Morgan was striking out the opposing batters to the tune of 9.6 per nine innings.   What a difference a year can make.  I am getting pretty sick of this injury nonsense.  I guess that is just how this prospect game works though.

According to Jim “Steaks” Salisbury, Morgan will not get surgery.  Instead the 23-year-old will try to rehab his shoulder with some medical science from the future.  The plan is for him to either get a palette rich plasma injection or a cortisone injection sometime next week.  I am no doctor, but I would go with the plasma injection mostly because it sounds cooler.  Ladies love things that sound cooler.

Morgan won’t start pitching again for a few weeks.  We here at That Ball’s Outta Here wish him a speedy recovery because the hopes and dreams we have for this team ever being good again depend on it.