Phillies Fail to Reach .500 for Millionth Time


The Phillies offense continued to pull the longest, most miserable prank on Cole Hamels and lost to the Washington Nationals 6 -1.

The lone Phillies run came courtesy off a Steven Strasburg balk in the 8th inning.  Yes, that is right, a balk.  Michael Young continued to add to his league leading pace and grounded in to his 12th double play. Oh, and his average has fallen to .268.  Good thing he is a leader or whatever.

Despite the offense’s best efforts to frustrate and humiliate Hamels early on he was able to carry a three hit shutout into the 7th inning.  That is when the defense behind him decided to take charge.  Freddy Galvis was unable to get Ryan Zimmerman out on a week grounder.  Adam LaRoche followed that up with a single.  Shortly thereafter the bases became loaded after an Ian Desmond sacrifice bunt and a Tyler Moore intentional walk.

Michael Young’s Magic (Getty Images)

Moore was walked because a guy named Johonatan Solano was due up.  Solano, as planned, hit a weak grounder towards third base.  Michael Young had other plans though as his throw to the plate hit the dirt and rolled past Humberto Quintero.   That is some leadership right there.  I know I am really looking forward to Doris Kearns Goodwin’s 900 page expose on what is beneath the genius and grit that is Michael Young.

Chad “Infinite Lives” Durbin replaced Hamels in the 8th and gave up three hits and one run.  Durbin goes out there every day continually proves his utter lack of ability and usefulness.  Ruben Amaro loves consistency and Durbin is full of consistency.

Tomorrow the Phillies play the Boston Red Sox at Fenway.  Clay Bucholz is starting.  Tune in to see if the Phillies can avoid getting no-hit.