Ryan Howard to Receive MRI on Knee so he and Chooch can Reportedly be “Twinsies”


Mar. 12, 2013; Phoenix AZ, USA; Philadelphia Phillies infielder Ryan Howard (6) sits in the dugout in the fifth inning against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Hilderbrand-USA TODAY Sports Images

Being the good teammate that he is, Ryan Howard isn’t letting Carlos Ruiz stay behind and be the only one getting an MRI.

After some knee troubles surfaced for Howard, he’ll be hanging out at the doctor’s office today too, while the rest of the team jets to Miami.

Actually, Ruiz will be joining Howard.  Ryan didn’t play at all Sunday due to knee soreness, while Chooch’s exit was just a delightful gift from the baseball gods, in the form of a “pop” in his leg while running the bases.


Regardless, they’ll both be there, awaiting results that if our current luck is any indication will be miraculous.

"“I’ve been able to tough it out but told (Manuel) it was sore.”–Ryan Howard, via ESPN"

So Ryan’s been playing through soreness, which is really only effective when you’re able to produce despite the injury, not fail because of it.  Of course, Ryan’s spent the year hitting better than I think.  Every time I think he’s definitely got to be under .200 by now, I look and see he’s closer to .250.  Maybe they should start taking off more points when he swings and misses at a breaking ball that could hit him in his back foot.

I mean he does have four hits in his last 34 ABs.  But one of them won a game.  So.