Roy Oswalt Teases Philly Return, Flees to Mountains


And another desperate Phillies manuever flies off the board.

During one of Roy Halladay’s recent meltdowns, Roy Oswalt suspiciously appeared on Twitter to announce his availability.  “COME BACK LOL” replies littered the place for a while.  “LOL,” indeed.  Though Roy did bother to shout out Philly specifically – and the fans.


Opportunistic or not (probably not), Oswalt did make himself available to potential suitors, and he apparently had some.  Last night, during Kyle Kendrick’s recent melt-up (we’re trying it out), Oswalt tweeted again.

Oh man oh man oh man where’s he going where’s go

Jun 22, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Texas Rangers pitcher Roy Oswalt (44) walks to the dugout prior to the game against the Colorado Rockies at Rangers Ballpark. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado, it seemed!  Though there are mountains lots of places.  Whatever, this is the team named after the mountains, so, just, stop.  Stop that.

Roy Oswalt has returned to baseball, meaning a probable subsequent return to the disabled list, followed by weeks of questionable health.  If Roy Oswalt could throw a little like an ace, he’d be a great pick-up, or even a gamble.  And in this case, he is – it’s just a minor league deal.  And he didn’t wait until midseason to pick a contender to jump on board with, so this seems to be about more than his personal quest.

Regardless, Oswalt will pitch again, in the place that gives fading pitchers a chance for one last shot.