Jesse Biddle Fails To Strike Out Every Opposing Hitter, Only Fans 10


In what was certainly a disappointing follow-up to his previous start, Reading starter Jesse Biddle managed only 10 strikeouts while giving up one hit in six innings of the Fightin’ Phils’ 2-1 win on Sunday.

Of course, this “pedestrian” effort from the Phils’ #1 prospect was a far cry from his 16-strikeout performance five days prior, in which he carried a perfect game into the seventh inning against the Harrisburg Senators.

All we’re looking for is a little CONSISTENCY here, Jesse.

Seriously though, Biddle is on some kind of roll right now.

Of course, now anybody who’s anybody has an opinion on Jesse Biddle and his future, with some even calling for the Phils to bring him up to the Major ASAP.

David Murphy… resident kill joy.

Of course, Murph is right. The people who are having trouble containing themselves with unmitigated excitement are the same people who likely had no idea who the hell he was two weeks ago, as some have pointed out…

And now that he’s turned into AA’s version of Sandy Koufax, everyone wants to know more…

Biddle says his red-hot start to the year has a lot to do with being a year older and a year more experienced (quotes per Jake Seiner).

"“[The difference is] being a year older, having another year of Spring Training and having another offseason to figure out where I need to be to not come out of the gate slow like I have in the last few years,” he said. “My coaches, I think, are a little more aware that I’ve had bad Aprils in the past, and they’ve really been on top of me, making sure that I’m changing it up a little bit. “I’m pitching a little differently, a little more aggressively, but it’s also a matter of me finding my mechanics earlier in the season. Part of it is just luck. Sometimes you don’t do anything different but you just feel a little better. It’s all about preparation, and I think I prepared better this year than in the past.”"

Biddle, still just 21 years old, has been the best pitcher in the Eastern League this year, but the Phillies should continue to be patient with him. The starting rotation at the big league level has been solid this year, and adding Biddle to the Major League roster would also force the Phils to drop a player from their 40-man roster. There’s also the fact he’s still learning and isn’t ready yet. Still, Biddle’s April start has a lot of people talking, including people in the Phils’ organization.

Wow, indeed.