Braves, Nationals Involved in Adorable Little Scrap


While the Phillies take firm control over third place in the National League East division, their stumbling counterparts in the places above are about to face each other.

The Nationals and Braves are expected to take this division quite handily, but they are going to get involved in some precious squabbling along the way.  This is what happens when Philadelphia isn’t involved in contention; the trash talk just goes off the rails.

[“Gattitude” being a play on “Natitude,” an affliction in Washington that occurs when people remember where the stadium is, and “Gattitude” being a reference to “Evan Gattis,” who is “baseball’s best story” this year because he took a really long time to decide to play baseball professionally, the poor guy.]

Which begs the question… did it look this bad when we did it?

h/t The Fightins, a great web site.


It’s okay.  Those two can manufacture hate and then collide in a battle of high expectations and mostly empty stadiums, then inevitably destroy each other, giving the Phillies the opportunity to run by, kick each of them while they are down, and sneak away.  Picked across the board to finish third, the Phillies have not disappointed this season.

Flirting with .500 (Nationals) or downward spiraling after a hot start (Braves) was not part of the deal!  These were the teams that were going to hit all the home runs and definitely go to the World Series!

Ha, ha, ha, ha.  Yes.  Fight and struggle.