There’s Our Old Friend, Carlos Ruiz


In case you have forgotten, our beloved, drug abusing (allegedly) catcher is back tomorrow.  Commence the choruses of CHOOOOOOOCH.   I for one am excited and you should be too.

The Phillies have been offensively blah throughout April.   The production from the catchers position has been worse.  Combined, Erik Kratz and Humberto Quintero are triple slashing a horrible .214/.244/.333.  The majority of those at bats belong to Kratz, however, that still doesn’t change the fact that the production from the position has been abysmal.  Add in Kratz’s defensive inefficiencies and Roy Halladay’s noted disdain for him, Ruiz is a much needed addition.

So Happy!!!!!!

Last year Ruiz went .325/.394/.550.   He obviously won’t match those numbers this season.  Last year was simply a magical year for him statistically.  If he can just be 80 percent of the player he was last year this team will improve.

Charlie Manuel said after today’s game that Ruiz will bat fifth or sixth.  I am not one to believe that lineup order matters all that much, but inserting Ruiz in the middle of the order is an exciting prospect.  It provides a much needed right handed bat and pushes back batters that should not be hitting fifth and sixth for a major league team, especially one with a bazillion dollar payroll.

The corresponding roster move comes tomorrow morning.  I don’t know which catcher gets sent down.  Erik Kratz should, but probably won’t because of loyalty and all that.  I do know y’all better eat some ice cream with your beer tonight.  I will be.