Charlie Manuel Idiotically Decides Dom Brown Was the Reason The Phils Lost


Apr 5, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Phillies right fielder Domonic Brown (9) connects for a home run during the second inning of a game against the Kansas City Royals on opening day at Citizens bank Park. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, it was Dom Brown that, for the third time in four games, failed to log a quality start, costing the Phillies Friday’s home opener against Kansas City.

Yes, it was Dom Brown who allowed eight runs on 11 hits and all eight inherited runners to score, costing the Phillies Friday’s home opener against Kansas City.

Yes, it was Dom Brown who was entirely responsible for the Phils’ offense failing to register a single hit after the third inning, costing the Phillies Friday’s home opener against Kansas City.

And yes, it was Dom Brown who failed to make a diving catch with the bases loaded, turning what would have likely been a two-run single into a three-run triple, costing the Phillies Friday’s home opener against Kansas City.

According to Charlie Manuel, all those statements are true. To the rest of us, Charlie has lost his dang mind.

For some reason, after Friday’s 13-4 loss to the Royals at Citizens Bank Park, Manuel laid much of the blame at the feet of left fielder Domonic Brown.

"“That’s a play where you can’t let the ball get behind you,” Manuel said. “Once it gets behind you, the game is about over. He’s got to really try to keep the ball in front of him.” – quotes per Philadelphia Inquirer’s Bob Ford"

Truth be told, the game was over well before that, as Brown noted after the game.

"“He hit it, and I thought I had a good chance at it, and if I had it to do over again, I’d do the same thing. They’re already up by two runs. The bases are loaded. I’m trying to catch that. It’s a do-or-die play right there, and I’m trying to make a play for my pitcher.”"

Brown is 100% right. If he plays it on a bounce, two runs likely score and it’s an 8-4 game. The ball went by him instead. The game was 9-4.

Yeah, that cost the Phillies the game.

Give me a break.

As Brown noted, the cost-benefit ratio for that play clearly called for a diving attempt there. And there were about 20 other things that happened in that game before Brown’s play that led to the team’s downfall.

Brown’s play should be regarded as a footnote. Nothing more.

However, as we’ve seen with this franchise and their handling of Brown over the last couple years, it seems they like to go out of their way to bag on the guy. So, we probably shouldn’t be surprised.

And sure, Brown’s defense is something to keep an eye on as the season goes on. But for Manuel to go out of his way to assess blame on Brown’s defensive play was kind of bush league.

Oh, and Dom Brown hit a home run yesterday and has a hit in all four Phillies games so far this season.

Man, how many more games is this guy gonna cost them?