Get to Know the Kansas City Royals: A Series Preview


I have a friend who is a diehard Royals fan. I know, I know, shocking. It is shocking that I have a friend AND that diehard Royals fans exist. Be sure to read this site as often as possible for more knowledge drops.

Anyways, I thought it would be worthwhile to ask him a few questions about the team that our hometown heroes have to face over the weekend. With this new fangled, year round inter-league play, the Phillies get to play teams like the Royals more often. I don’t know if that excites you or makes you sad. Either way we must know the enemy if we plan on defeating them and booing them properly.

How long have you been a Royals fan?

My first real memory of the royals is the dynamic outfield of Johnny Damon, Carlos Beltran, and Jermaine Dye in the late 90s when I was 9-10. I’ve been a diehard since the 03 season, our only winning year since the strike. No matter the loses, I’ll still follow them. I think it’s a personal problem.

Has it been as torturous as I imagine?

If the Phillies morphed into the royals for the next 25 years of your life, then yes. But only because you know what winning feels like. I’ve never experience a playoff game and barely a playoff race if you count 03. For me and most Royals fans, it’s more about the players than the record. How did Gordon look in left? How did Sorus look in the 9th? We develop more of a personal connection with players than anything else.

What are your hopes for the season?

I “hope” for a playoff appearance. I expect a winning record. But with the best pitcher and hitter in baseball in our division I can’t see us taking the division. I’m more excited about this season than any other in my lifetime.

When do you think those hopes will be crushed?

Memorial Day. That’s the norm.

Give us a rundown on two or three Royals that Phillies fans should know about.

Salvador Perez; carrying the hopes of all Royals fans

Salvador Perez – I truly feel he’s going to become the best catcher in baseball. A perennial gold glover and an outside chance at an MVP. He also signed the most club friendly contract in baseball ensuring he will be a Royal for the rest of the decade.

Alex Gordon– The secret is probably out on him, but he’s one of the best left fielders in the game. He’s earned back to back gold gloves after a rough start to his career. He’s really come into his own. And I love him in the leadoff role, about the only decision Ned Yost has made that I approve of.

Kelvin Herrera– Our set up guy, but I think future closer; a friggin’ hurler with the nastiest change up in baseball.

Wil Myers– The best pl…oh, wait. Nevermind.

The Royal are 1-2 and the Phillies are 1-2. Does it matter who wins this series?

Not in the least. It doesn’t matter, but I’d rather win it than not. I’m more worried about scoring more than five runs this weekend.

So there you go. Give it up for Pat, the best and only Royals fan I know. He has the the hope that I remember having in the early 2000s.  For his sake, I want the Royals to do well, just not this weekend.