Cole Hamels takes on Justin Verlander in Ace-on-Ace Action


The Phillies are being marched out to face reigning American League earth-shatterer Justin Verlander, and they’re doing it with Laynce Nix, Pete Orr, and John Mayberry.

Cole’s current tallies:


There’s nothing WACKY going on yet like Freddy Galvis playing in the outfield or Charlie Manuel turning the clubhouse light on and seeing a puddle with Roy Halladay’s hat in it, so today seems to be a fairly ordinary preseason set of nine innings, only with two pitchers projected to be amazing and also not much time left in spring training at all.

Cole Hamels takes the mound for the Phillies, hoping that Torii Hunter’s analysis of Roy Halladay – the single positive review Halladay got this year – carries onto today.  Everyone knows everyone’s season hinges on Torii Hunter’s opinion.

Verlander’s spring numbers:


The Phillies’ .500 Grapefruit League record hangs in the balance, while the Tigers go for win number 19.  The Phillies are trotting Galvis out there again, who has been fun to watch and whose place on the team remains somewhat ambiguous.  Nix playing first and Orr at second feels like the Phillies are starting this game in the sixth or seventh inning, but obviously they are most likely keeping the real players safe until they step off the plane up north.

Meanwhile, Michael Young is taking on his natural role as a DH, so you can bet he’s probably drafted an angry letter to the front office by now.

Anyways, Verlander will probably make mince meat out of a bunch of these guys.  Good luck, these guys.