Delmon Young Really Stepping up his Rehab for Some Reason


According to the Phillies website,

"“Young has been doing drills with the agility ladder and running back-to-back days on the treadmill.”"

Several questions arise from this information.

  • Who is he running back-to-back with?
  • How does he have the stamina to spend an entire day on the treadmill?
  • Is “agility” still a goal for Delmon Young?
  • How will a ladder help with this?
  • How tall is the ladder?
  • Where does the ladder lead?

March 14, 2013; Clearwater, FL, USA; Philadelphia Phillies right fielder Delmon Young (3) works out prior to the game against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Bright House Networks Field. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Delmon’s got that contractual weigh-in to cash in on, which is most likely the motivation of a guy who expressed little to zero motivation to get back on the field for “love of the game” or even “passing interest in the game” purposes.  Also, as he noted, it’s kind of cold.  Who wants to play in the cold?

Also, Delmon would prefer if you didn’t notice that he’s got a shitty attitude, because then people will, you know, know about it.

That, combined with his ankle injury, make an accelerated return for the Phillies right “fielder” all the less appealing.  But, Ruben Amaro signed him to do a job, and since this is a National League team, he can’t just sit there and hit.  So we can all look forward to the day that a healthy, agile Delmon Young makes his Phillies debut in the outfield, possibly carrying a ladder out there, and probably grumbling about the weather.