Cliff Lee Uncharacteristically Saying Words After Latest Performance


Cliff Lee opened his mouth after his admirable performance in yesterday’s 10-1 implosion in Lakeland, but instead of relaxed breathing, words came out.

There are few things NL hitters should fear more than Cliff Lee waking up in the morning and feeling good and one of them is Roy Halladay and the other is Roy Halladay when he’s actually pitching.  So unfortunately for everybody else:

"“I feel good.”–Cliff Lee"

That’s right.

Cliff threw two innings of shut out ball, striking out two and letting the Tigers squeeze one walk out of him.  Afterward, he sat down and rattled off on a variety of topics, including how good he feels, how to build endurance, and that the Rangers should not have let Michael Young go.

And Michael Young?  He’s the best addition to the Phillies this year.  And not only that, the Rangers mishandled them.  And not only that, he’s a great clubhouse there.  And not only that, he’s problem-free.

Look, why don’t we just talk to Michael Young.  We say a lot of things about him around here, most of them are about how old he is and how much we think he’s going to suck, but when we stop and think about how Michael Young is a normal person who could probably bounce back, well, maybe he’s worth a lesson.

"“I’m a Phillie now. I’m proud to be a Phillie.”—Michael Young."

Well, that’s… that’s nice.  What a nice thing to say.

"“And I’m proud to go out and play hard for the people of Philadelphia.”—Michael Young"

We… thanks, Michael.  That’s good to know.

"“Everything that happened in the past, especially negative stuff, is totally over with in my mind.”—Michael Young"

You must not see yourself fielding too often if you… think the negative stuff is… totally… over…. ah, geeze, I’m sorry.  I just… this is a very confusing time.