So Not EVERYBODY Hates Domonic Brown


Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Not everybody on the Phillies hates Domonic Brown.

This is a good thing. If Brown is going to have any chance at success and gain a starting spot in the outfield, it’s important that at least one influential decision-maker doesn’t hate his ever-breathing guts.

After Brown’s solo homer in the 8th inning of Sunday’s 5-5, 10-inning tie against the Detroit Tigers (putting the Phils at 0-1-1 this spring), manager Charlie Manuel actually had some positive things to say about the lanky left-handed outfielder, via’s Todd Zolecki.

"“You notice how nice and easy and staying behind, nice and good balance, staying behind the ball [he is],” Manuel said. “[He has] big power and he shows it.  He has the potential to be a good hitter. We’re talking average and power, especially in some of those National League ballparks, and that would really help us.”"

No kidding. High batting averages and lots of home runs are often regarded as positive attributes for a Major League hitter to have, DESPITE what the baseball nerds will tell you.

Right, NERDS???

Still, even though Brown has started the spring 4-6, with two extra-base hits, Manuel isn’t going to go run a bubble bath for him just yet. The kid still needs to show that he can do it over the long haul.

You know, like the 35 games he will play this spring. THAT long haul.

"“We’ve got 10 outfielders,” said Manuel. “Somewhere along the line, probably like two-thirds of the way through Spring Training, we’re going to have to at least make some decisions on four of them. That would be the first thing, probably. We’re going to try to get them all some playing time so we can see them enough. But if somebody really jumps out and gets going like Brown… [the] last three days he’s swung good, he’s played good outfield and stuff like that — we can settle on a guy.”"

So as long as Brown does the outfield stuff real good, there’s a good chance he could get to play a lot this year.

Poor Ruben… being trolled by his own manager.

However, for the Dom haters, there is still some good news. Amaro apparently still has a lot of control over his product. How else to explain that the ONLY highlight omitted from the Phils-Tigers game highlights package yesterday was Brown’s home run?

Heck, even Kevin Frandsen made the highlight reel.

Poor Dom. So many hurdles, so little time.