Michael Schwimer Surprisingly Surprised


Yesterday fringe major league reliever Michael Schwimer was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays for some guy.  As pointed out by many, last season Schwimer and the Phillies organization butted heads when he announced roster moves over Twitter. He followed that up by openly questioning the decision to send him to Lehigh Valley instead of placing him on the disabled list.

Aww shucks

So, it was, let’s say, a bit surprising when Schwimer said he was, “very surprised,” about the trade.  Maybe he and Ruben Amaro smoothed things out over a beer or coffee.   Both said the move had nothing to do with the disagreements that transpired in 2012.  It could be possible that they are telling the truth.  Who am I kidding? Amaro tell the truth?

The “some guy” that Schwimer was trade for is Art Charles, a 22 year old first baseman who has yet to play above low A.  It is safe to assume that Charles is a long shot to ever have any impact on the major league club.

In reality, Schwimer is AAAA relief pitcher.  He was never going to get much in return.  However, trading him for some guy less than a week into spring training screams, “we are absolutely done with this guy.” The Phillies could have hung onto him.  They’ve invested time and money into his development.  They could have seen if he could have turned those few flashes from last year into something consistent.

It seems pretty apparent that even those things did not outweigh the headaches involved with having him on the team.   Good luck to him and his.