Phillies Leave For Clearwater, Taking Bats, Balls, Gloves and Dreams With Them


We want to see a lot more of this in 2013. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I know things have been largely negative surrounding the Phillies the last few months. It hasn’t been an easy time for any of us.

But the good news is… baseball is almost here.

Phillies baseball.

And no matter what you think of the club’s makeup for 2013, the outfield situation, worries about the health of Roy Halladay, Ryan Howard and Chase Utley, etc., the thought of spring training in the midst of a long, cold winter, should bring a happy smile to everyone who loves baseball.

The process of taking the Phillies to the home of Scientology, beautiful Clearwater, Florida, began yesterday as grunts and team interns loaded up huge trucks full of Phils equipment.

Somebody sure likes the Container Store, don’t they?

As the gear was getting packed up, anticipation soared as the traveling land monsters arrived at Citizens Bank Park, ready to do their work.

The trucks had arrived, filled with the hopes and dreams of a city that has had to suffer a World Series championship-less existence for the last four years.

When, on when, will this awful drought end???

In the spirit of celebration, the Phillies asked fans to tweet their responses to a question that, let’s admit, we’ve all asked ourselves before…

Of course, a question like that is ripe for sarcastic and jaded people (who disgust me by the way) to make fun of, but the good-hearted and hopeful among us answered the question in the spirit with which it was intended…

You can be negative if you want… but the future IS bright. SO bright, in fact, shades should be used, lest you stare directly into said future, as bright as it is.

And now, as the caravan heads down I-95, hurtling towards Clearwater as we speak, the Phillies invite you to distract their drivers and yourself by performing car tricks as you travel on down that sandy, sunny road…

I sure hope the Phanatic at least bungee corded himself in some way to that side of that vehicle, because I don’t think he’s going to be all that safe on that 1060-mile trip with just his furry green fingers gripping the side of a big-rig moving at 55-60 miles per hour.

Of course, there are always going to be the negative nancies out there…

But put all that aside today, friends. Honest to goodness baseball is almost here. Really.

And even though you may not be thrilled with the team that will show up in Clearwater in a few days, the fact that players will be arriving, and that right soon, is encouraging enough.

So, get pumped, Phils fans! The road to the World Series starts today!

And it all starts in a big-ass truck filled with pine tar, helmets and dreams.

Lots and lots of fuzzy, friendly dreams.