Keith Law’s Realistic Assessment of Phillies Prospects Means He Hates Our Team


Can you believe Keith Law has me at #1… actually #92… or maybe I am #1… I’m confused. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Boy, I don’t know what the Phillies ever did to ESPN’s Keith Law, but he really sure does seem to hate our favorite baseball team, doesn’t he?

I mean, year after year, Law fails to put any Phillies near the top of his annual Top 100 prospect rankings.

Today, it was more of the same when he released the 2013 version (for Insiders only, of which I am one, because of my many contacts inside the baseball world and because I shell out the $5 a month is costs to be an Insider).

Sebastian Valle remains nowhere to be found. Jake Diekman, where are you? And who does Tyson Gillies have to kill to get a little love around here?

The headline from Law’s assessment of the Phils’ system shows he, once again, is not bullish on the team’s top prospects.

Stupid realist. Doesn’t Law know we only deal in hope and starry-eyed dreams around here?

While every other prospect ranker in the free-thinking universe (I’m ignoring China here) has Jesse Biddle as the organization’s top prospect, Law has him second, all the way down at #95 overall.

Yes, you read that correctly, #95.

Jesse Biddle will never recover from this humiliation.

In fact, Law differs from every other ranking put forth so far by making Biddle the team’s #2 prospect. He has left-handed pitching prospect Adam Morgan as the best young player in the Phils’ minor league system, three spots ahead at #92 overall.

That’s right, the Phillies came this close to not having any players ranked in Law’s Top 100.

I call shenanigans.

Of course, Law’s realistic, yet hate-filled ranking of Phillies prospects is nothing new. He does it simply to spite all the mean Phils fans who flood his inbox with questions like, “Who is Roman Quinn?” and “Remember when you had Dominic Brown at #4 overall? ‘Member???”

It’s ridiculous he doesn’t share the same rosy outlook on the Phils’ future as you do.

Simply put, he hates our team. Always has.

Now, I gotta go and click on his live chat so I can read more about why he hates us so DAMN MUCH!!!