Reading Fightins Already Not Giving Up on Phillies, Promise Cool Party


If you’re one of the ones who has seen the Phillies’ offseason and thought, “This calls for a par-tay!” then you are not alone I would have thought.

To be fair, the Reading Fightins were probably going to have a party anyway, because that’s what they do there, regardless of the score, or the situation of the parent club, or an incoming comet, hurdling directly toward the stadium.

But this Reading party will happen for an actual reason, and that reason is Opening Night in Baseballtown.

The Fightins are always super inviting for you to come down onto the field–no, come on, go ahead, nobody’s going to tackle you and chop you in the neck–to celebrate whatever.  The April 12 VIP On-Field Warning Track Cocktail Party will be exactly like that, only also with players and let’s face it, a mascot or six.

There’s also an all-you-can-eat-buffet in there somewhere.

So, what?  Too depressed at the easily predicted prospects of the new season?  Not comfortable with Delmon Young and the Ghost of Dom Brown manning the corners?  Filling a water bottle with vodka every morning, waiting for that report that Utley’s off to the knee doctor for a “routine check-up?”  Remembering John Mayberry?

Well, too bad.  This 2013 baseball season is going to happen whether you’re delirious with manic laughter or not.  No, there aren’t four aces anymore.  Yes, the team has asked about the reality of Delmon Young playing right on a mo-ped “just to keep it fair.”  But maybe at times like these, it’s best to just repress all of it and take a page from the Reading Fightins’ book.