Delmon Young Saga Now Involves Dog Poop, Weight Loss


Before you on from the whole Delmon Young Plays for the Phillies Now thing, there are a few more things to add.

Sure, initial reaction was that the guy was trash and also hated Jewish people.  And maybe he is!  But now comes the part where we get quotes directly addressing the issues at hand to quell any anxiety.

"“If I went out there and was an All-Star 6 years in a row and was healthy and a model citizen, that wouldn’t have happened. That’s where I’m looking to make a change.”—Delmon Young"

He’s acknowledging his shady past and looking to rectify it…

"“We did a lot of due diligence on what kind of person he is.  I think more than anything else, the conclusion we came up with is he made a mistake, and whatever is written about him in the past doesn’t really depict the kind of person he is. Obviously, we want to have good character guys in our clubhouse, and I think he’s going to be one.”—Ruben Amaro"

Ruben’s swearing he’s not signing a guy to play a position he’s not very good at every day without doing his homework…

"“I didn’t like cleaning up dog poop.  It was a dog park and people don’t clean up after their dogs sometimes and we’re left to. A lot of times, I just stared at it, because it was too soupy.”—Delmon Young"

The consistency of dog shit really influenced Delmon’s mindset and put him in a clearer state of mind as far as his goals.

“OH GOD IS THAT POOP no. No, just another flashback….” David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

So there’s the second wave of the debate; that despite his history of troublemaking, rabblerousing, and falling down while playing defense, Delmon is ready to change and be a clubhouse guy and earn that paycheck, and Ruben is ready for him to do those things so that he may look intelligent for sorting through the scrap heap and bringing him on as an everyday player.

Speaking of paychecks, Delmon’s might be a little more than the $750,000 pocket change previously mentioned.  At 240 lbs., his weight is a bit of a concern to management and rickety old staircases.  However, the Phillies are addressing this as well, with a weight loss incentive that could get Delmon as much as $2.75 million.

In conclusion, this deal has the potential to be a real soap opera, while the Braves simultaneously intensify their pursuit of Justin Upton, presumably just because they can and know that we are watching.