Phillies to Lose Mostly Canadians to World Baseball Classic


The World Baseball Classic is a proud tradition in which players unite with fellow countrymen in the chance to represent their homeland on the global stage.

But instead of one of those ridiculous games like soccer or the Olympics, they’re playing baseball when they do it.  Naturally, this attract crowds of millions.

“Yaaaay go whatever.” Bradley Leeb-USA TODAY Sports

However, the downfall of the institution is that it takes place during MLB’s spring training, forcing pro ballplayers to choose between training with their team and pledging allegiance to their country.  It’s a difficult choice, and not one that everybody makes correctly.

But the Phillies will not much of anyone pulling away this preseason.  Yes, in past years guys like Jimmy Rollins and Mike Schmidt have donned the “USA” uniforms, avoided “Dream Team” analogies, and made this country proud, maybe.  I didn’t see it.

This year, the Phillies will lose young reliever Phillippe Aumont and prospect Tyson Gillies to Team Canada, putting their development far behind and giving Canada the last laugh.  As if 1993 wasn’t enough.  BUT IT NEVER WILL BE WILL CANADA.  YOU’RE SICK.  YOU’RE ALL SICK.

Meanwhile, nobody has to worry about Chooch leaving in the middle of the night because Panama did not qualify for the tournament.  Hoo… ray?

Sorry Chooch.

The WBC will take place from March 2- March 19.  Team USA’s full roster, including Ryan Braun, will come out in the next few days.  No Phillies are supposed to be on it, but apparently they just could be without warning.  Which is weird.