Michael Young Skipping Stupid Meaningless Baseball To Play Stupid Meaningless Baseball


Michael Young is trying to prove he’s really happy to be in Philadelphia. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

As most of the continental United States sits underneath some degree of snow, sleet or frozen rain, Michael Young longs for the days of springtime in Clearwater, Florida.

Don’t we all.

And, as if to further prove that he is going to do everything he can this year not to be a waste of human space on the baseball diamond, Young has apparently decided he also super-likes the Phillies way more than any other stupid baseball thing that is happening this spring.

Yes, Young has decided to skip one of the stupidest, useless and biggest wastes of time in professional sports, The World Baseball Classic, and instead will focus on being the best Philadelphia Phillie he can possibly be by spending the entire spring in Clearwater.

Either that, or he’s real keen on finding out what that Tom Cruise has been talking about for so long.

This decision will surely come as a disappointment to the people of America, for whom Young could have played in the WBC, or our fine amigos in Mexico, for whom he is also eligible to play, given the Mexican descent of his mother.

However, this selfless decision by Young will surely be welcome news to the franchise that just traded for him, especially as he attempts to come back from a season in which he posted a WAR of -2.4.

That’s really, really bad, to those who don’t know.

Young’s decision to blow off a bunch of meaningless games to prepare for and play in a series of other meaningless games is actually kind of a big deal, especially considering how terrible he was in 2012.

The Phils are counting on Young to revert back to the form that made him a top-10 MVP candidate in 2011, and spending a month playing in a stupid tournament that means absolutely nothing to anybody would greatly hinder that effort.

So, as Young brushes off the weighty expectations of two countries, both hungry for that long-sought after World Baseball Classic championship, Phillies fans grow more confident their star offensive acquisition of this offseason is truly devoted to his new team.

Now if only he can get that WAR over zero.