Oh, Josh Hamilton, We Barely Knew You


Sep 25, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Texas Rangers center fielder Josh Hamilton (32) bats during the game against the Oakland Athletics at Rangers Ballpark. Oakland won 3-2. . Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

As of Thursday afternoon, the Josh Hamilton isn’t really ever going to be a Phillie rumors were finally put to rest.  He is now, and will for the next five years, be a Los Angeles Angel of Anaheim (say that five times fast).

There is nothing to really be upset about here, for anyone. We know that five years is longer than pretty much every other team was willing to give Hamilton and his off the field issues.  And for $125 million, the risk was just too great.

But the reality is that someone was going to go to five years and that the Phillies would never have a shot.

The other reality is that Jon Daniels of the Rangers is somehow offended that he didn’t get a chance to counter offer.  Sometimes these folks that run MLB teams come across pretty naive   Did he really think that if Hamilton was blown away, he was going to come back to the Rangers, or just take the money and run? Hamilton did exactly what we would expect him to do.

Now the Phillies have one less option.  Do they sign Nick Swisher and give up a draft pick, or sign Cody Ross?  Does a trade for Alfonso Soriano suddenly look more appealing at $10 million?

The other intriguing portion of this Hamilton to the Angels deal is the potential availability of Peter Bourjos and Mark Trumbo.  Power hitting corner outfielder?  If he doesn’t cost the whole farm system, Mark Trumbo could be a pretty attractive option.

With only a few possibilities left, RAJ now has to make a move, or be left with the less-than-ideal in-house options.  Your move, Ruben.