Jim Thome Reaching ‘Jamie Moyer’ Level of Ignoring Body’s Cries for Help


It is widely recognized that Jim Thome doesn’t feel pain.

Howard Smith–USA TODAY

The house-sized behemoth of a mountain man can soldier through worlds of discomfort before registering a casual flinch.  I mean, just look at the guy.  You could break through any levels of flesh and bone and muscle that thick with one of those drills they use to get to the center of the earth that may have been a movie that I fell asleep watching once.

I don’t think Jim Thome was in it.

With his film career still not off the ground, or I guess into it, Thome looks to play baseball again in 2013.  Yes, professionally.  Which may remind you of another “getting up there” former Phillie who refused to quit.

That man’s name was Jamie Moyer, and he turned 50 this year.  He will probably not play again.  Which is basically what it has said on the back of Jamie’s baseball card for the past 40 years.

But Thome is a spry 42 years old, and while he is not prepared to play every day, or with a glove, he is prepared to be welcomed onto somebody’s roster.  Which he probably will be.  Being a genuinely nice guy helps, but also, being able to tattoo a baseball over a large barn doubles his appeal.  To be able to point at your bench for a pinch hitter or DH and see Thome sitting there is like striking, huge, hulking gold.

The Phillies will most likely be avoiding Thome this time for no reason other than the guy has had two runs through this town, charmed everyone, become the only constant K victim to remain beloved, and then left to go help some AL team with a DH-hole.

Still, it’s just nice to know Big Jim is out there, cranking dingers, thrilling stadiums, and generally just making sure that the game doesn’t succumb to assholes.