Phillies Finalize Trade For Michael Young, Wheeze Kids 2.0 Nearly Complete


Not since Lebron James “The Decision” has the sports world been fraught with such anticipation over whether a player will leave town. Michael Young has been mulling over whether to leave the only team he has ever known in Texas for the past few days, but according to reports he’s made up his mind.

Heading over to Texas are reliever Josh Lindblom (acquired for Shane Victorino) and minor leaguer Lisalberto Bonilla. Fans won’t miss either of these guys much, so it has to be viewed as a win right? Young ultimately chose to accept the trade because he’ll be given the chance to start, but there’s a reason the Rangers were willing to let go of their franchise hits leader for a bag of peanuts. Last season Young hit career lows in nearly every offensive category, making many question whether he’s still got it. Thankfully for Young, the Phillies third base situation is perilous enough to make him valuable.

Michael just turned 36 so he won’t be making the roster any younger. Not to mention he hasn’t been an ever day third basemen for three seasons. Some might call that versatility, while critics would say he’s just washed up. Conflicted as I am, as are most fans about Young coming to the Phils, I’ve compiled 5 reasons to both love and hate this deal.

5 Reasons to hate it

1) The Phillies replaced a broken down third baseman for a statue. He’s got no range and logic dictates he won’t be able to play 150+ games at 3B.

2) No matter how you calculate it Young had a negative WAR in 2012. NEGATIVE!!

3) Even if he rebounds, Young brings no power to a lineup in desperate need of some.

4) Fan’s will put unfare expecations on Young to be the 2009 version. Sorry, we can’t help ourselves.

5) While the Phillies aren’t picking up the full tab, platooning Eric Chavez ($3 mil from AZ) with Kevin Frandsen would have been cheaper.

5 Reasons to love it

1) He won’t be as bad as he was in 2012. A marginal improvement is still better than Kevin Frandsen.

2) He still hit lefties last year, with a .794 OPS, which is always a struggle with this club.

3) He’s supposedly a great locker room guy. Everyone loves intangibles!

4) Linblom and Bonilla won’t make an impact in Texas.

5) This isn’t RAJ’s last move of the off-season. Young is a complimentary piece that can help out at third, but the Phillies will make more moves. I promise.