Phillies Acquire Ben Revere for Price to be Named too High Later


Judging by the vibes, there aren’t a whole lot of deals to make out there right now for the Phillies.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

No one is worth what they would cost, and nobody is worth giving up for what’s out there.  Impatience is not the same thing as thinking.  And thus far, Ruben has been careful and strategic, depending on who you talk to.  To others, he’s been lethargic and a big old dumb head.

But Ruben’s not tinkering–there are real, gaping, legitimate needs on this roster, and one of them is center field.  A lot of the A+ options are off the market, and the Phillies may not be working with as much money as in the recent past.  So an affordable choice seems affable.

And that’s why you’re hearing the news that the Phillies have acquired Ben Revere from the Twins.  Revere’s speed, defense, and hitting for average makes him appealing.  His currently mysterious price tag may make him less so.

The Twins need pitching, and the Phillies have it, so there’s almost no question which pool the cost will be drawn from.  It’s just a matter of who–the Phillies having openly dangled Vance Worley and Trevor May out there for the perusal of potential trade partners.

Ruben Amaro is summoning everyone to the same room later today to give off a highly toxic smug cloud later today to discuss this further with an increasingly unconscious room of beat writers.

UPDATE:  Worley’s gone, per Danny Knobler

SECOND UPDATE:  Also Trevor May, per Salisbury