Michael Young Taking his Sweet Time Making Major Life Decision


This Michael Young deal has been a gutting, rancid process, like a parasite tunneling through your intestines.

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Only the parasite is moving very slowly and can’t decide which orifice from which to burst during a fancy dinner party.

But, it is important to remember that Michael Young, even as a poor option, is still a person.  A slower person than he used to be.  But still someone with a family and an opinion and apparently a very ardent, visual fear of change.

Either that or after ten years in Texas, they don’t let you leave.

The Phillies put together a sweet little deal–of which we do not know the details, but is still classified as “sweet” because it is intended to employ Michael Young–and all that’s left is for Young to approve or dig into his pocket, pull out a coffee-stained, yellowed, crumpled piece of paper that swears he doesn’t have to do anything if he doesn’t want to.

So now, we wait.  If Young takes the offer, he will be the third baseman for the 2013 Phillies, probably rotated out for Freddy Galvis’ antics in the late innings.  Young has wanted out of Texas before, but that, as we know, does not mean he wants into Philadelphia.  For some reason.

"“All the Phillies are waiting for now is a phone call.”—Jim Salisbury"

This wasn’t an appealing deal a few years ago, it really is less of one now.  Being asked to wait as it drags on, holding our hot corner hostage, makes it seem even worse.  At best, this whole process ends with us still not populated at third.