Phillies Rumor of Cliff Lee/Justin Upton Trade Surfaces, is Killed


Just as Phillies Nation was starting to get disgruntled at the lack of a potential blockbuster…BOOM!

Ruben, how could we have ever doubted you?! While there is nothing official yet, this would be a major deal for both parties.

The Phillies would get the young right handed outfielder they so desperately need, and the D-Backs would be getting the veteran Lee to anchor their rotation. Upton, the brother of B.J., is only 25 years old and carries a great deal of potential. His power numbers slipped last season, but the raw power and athleticism is enough to make you giddy.

Did I mention he’s only slated to make 38.5 million over the next three years? Instant reaction to the mega-rumor has been nothing but positive.

But, with any rumor it’s important not to get too carried away. Cliff Lee for Justin Upton was bandied about on the internet during the August waiver trading period, and amounted to nothing. That’s not to say the Phillies and D-backs can’t pull something off, but all the contractual obligations (Lee is owed 87.5 million the next 3 years) make it difficult to say the least. And if that’s not bad enough,

Mr. Piecoro’s report is anything if not sobering to all Phillies fans who were already planning on buying their Justin Upton Jerseys.

But, if there’s one thing Ruben Amaro knows how to do, it’s trade Cliff Lee. He’s done it once and he could do it again.  Maybe it will take a third team to get the D-backs to pull the trigger, but at the very least RAJ finally gave us something worth tweeting about.