Around the Complex: Eagles Need Win on Sunday


Dec 24, 2011; Arlington, TX, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick (7) on the sidelines in the fourth quarter of the game against the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium. The Eagles beat the Cowboys 20-7. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE

Welcome everyone to my new weekly article here on TBOH, “Around the Complex.” You might be asking yourself what is Around the Complex all about? Let me tell you. This is my weekly Saturday article in which I will take a look at the hottest topic or thing in Philadelphia sports at that moment. It could be the Eagles or the Flyers, whenever they start playing again. But hopefully you enjoy this article as much as I enjoy writing it.

For my first Around the Complex article, let’s talk about the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles need a win badly on Sunday to stay in playoff contention because if they lose a 3-6 record would kill their chances. The Eagles will be taking on “America’s Team” the Dallas Cowboys who are also 3-5.

This game is going to be determined by who does not self destructive in crunch time. The Cowboys have this problem a lot this season especially with their quarterback Tony Romo, who has that Brett Favre mentality of being a gun slinger. For the Eagles they can never be in this position because they are already down 10 points or more in the first quarter.

For them to get into crunch time the offense line needs to block better for Michael Vick. Every time that Vick throws the ball he gets hits and drove into the ground. There is only so much that a quarterback of Vick’s stature can take before he starts breaking down.

Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg need to run the ball to take pressure off of Vick. You have two capable running backs in LeSean McCoy and Bryce Brown who both did a number on the Saints’ defense, but I have to remember this is the Cowboys’ defense the Eagles are facing so the run might be hard to come by but still just attempt to run.

Also make the smart playcall when you are in the redzone don’t call a pass play when you need to run, it’s common sense plays like that, that makes the Eagles 3-5 instead of 5-3.

Finally, can the defense make some plays and get some turnovers. I mean they did get turnovers last week versus the Saints but I would like to see more. Come on Todd Bowles! Its time for your defense to step up and make game changing plays!

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