Phast Phive: Phree Agent Markets


Steve Mitchell–US Presswire

Justin Klugh

You know what you haven’t done enough of?  Dwelling on the ensemble failures of the Phillies 2013 team.  I recently did some dwelling of my own, which is to say, I never stopped, and just let my feelings bleed onto some other web site.  That site is Call to the Pen, and fortunately, they had asked me to write something about the Phillies anyway.  So it wasn’t like that piece I was supposed to have in Cat Fancy on how young is too young to start dressing your kittens in sports merchandise and wound up being an ode to Chase Utley’s knees.

And get this!  Call to the Pen is Fansided’s general baseball site, so you barely have to do anything!  It’s accessible right up there in the FS navigation bar!  What a wondrous creation this internet is.

Ethan Seidel

With the bullpen, third base, and the outfield being huge question marks it’s easy to forget there are some questions in the rotation too. Our friend Bill Baer breaks down the free agent market (most of which will be $$$), but also offers a couple names that could intrigue the Phils. Do we really want Kendrick and Worley post surgery on the back end?

Even though the Phillies have begun their off-season, many players are still playing baseball. Many young Phils are playing fall/winter ball including Freddy Galvis and Tyson Gillies. Apparently the pair have been tearing the cover off the ball, which is an especially uplifting sign for Galvis, who broke his back not long ago. Head over to The 700 level to check out a clip of Fast Freddy showing some pop.

John Stolnis

Well, we’ve officially reached the dead patch. The Phillies are done ravaging their coaching staff and reassembling the deck chairs, now with special hitting assistant Wally Joyner joining the fold. I can immediately sense the Phils’ collective on base percentage skyrocketing in 2013. However, one of the things we can keep an eye on are how the Phillies prospects are doing in the Arizona Fall League. One of the guys to watch most intently is third base prospect Cody Asche, who many think will be ready to take the reigns in 2014. So, in advance of Asche’s impending Major League superstardom, get to know the extra-base-hitting prospect ahead of time.

The Phillies have a plethora of first basemen on the roster, the most important of which is obviously Ryan Howard. CSN’s Jim Salisbury asks the question, which of the five first baseman currently on the roster will still be with the team next year.(Here’s a hint: Howard is staying).