Jimmy Rollins will Use Naturally Charming Personality for Good in MLB Playoffs


Shortstop to bring enchanting levels of bewitchery to national television

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

TBS is most known for quality programming like that show you see commercials for about the poorly written varying racial dynamics while falling asleep to Scream 2.  But when fall rolls around, you better believe TBS becomes the home of post season baseball, for some reason!

But not everyone is lucky enough to be invited to the network that brought us Are We There Yet: The TV Series.  Some people have to settle for little old MLB Network, the network that it would not at all be jarring to see baseball on.

Jimmy Rollins, without an NLDS to get to, will be donating his leftover 2012 charm, smiles, and sophistication to the MLB Network, where he will provide analysis to games, teams, and players that he was supposed to play in, be on, and be.

It might have been that Jimmy’s last five post seasons were merely obstacles in his broadcasting career.  His swagger and charisma is so overwhelming that at times it affects his hitting.  People in the front rows of Phillies games have complained about an inability to focus on the game at hand due to witnessing Jimmy smile and point at something.

Therefore, his employment as an analysis with MLB Network is a natural fit, giving us a reason to watch the playoffs by making the Phillies sort of a part of them.  Unless, of course, we’re normal poor people whose internet blogs don’t pay enough sweet, sweet cash to afford an extra network like MLB.  In which case we’ll just hold our Jimmy Rollins baseball cards up to the screen while TBS broadcasts a game and make him say hilarious Jimmy Rollins-isms.

So this fall really isn’t going to be that much different after all.